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Blockchain is a lot more than cryptocurrency. It enables the creation of a trust less decentralized network of communication/information transfer. Right from license/certificate verification, smart contracts up to Non Fungible Tokens, we can help you to stay at the forefront of blockchain adoption across the globe.


Due to a massive influx of unstructured data and availability of state of the art computing hardware, Machine Learning is seeing one of the most large scale adoptions across a lot of industries. We would love to help you make use of your unstructured data and derive actionable insights that can be acted upon immediately.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Cloud Computing
Image by Caspar Camille Rubin

Cloud is no longer just a place to host your personal website. Dedicated application specific hardware on cloud can be used to train large scale Machine learning models at a pace never before imagined at a very competitive cost. This enables a whole new ecosystem of applications on Cloud. Our expertise is in helping small and medium businesses have an optimised presence on the Cloud.

Cloud Computing

Quantum Computing

If you think you understand Quantum Mechanics, you don't. This is the theme of Quantum Computers where a huge revolution is brewing in front of our eyes. Currently Quantum Computing is still in its infancy and is used to solve small problems or to demo a concept about Quantum Mechanics. Quantum Computers have a massive growth trajectory ahead with applications like Drug Discovery, Encryption, Simulation, etc.


Quantum Computing

Traditional Services

In addition to the cutting edge tech solutions that Atomic Loops offers its customers, we also have expertise in traditional tech solutions such as Mobile App development, Website development, UI/UX Engineering and Computer networking. These services enable customers to fully leverage the edge-tech solutions developed with Atomic Loops by providing a comprehensive one-stop solution for all their requirements.

Mobile App



  1. Web Designing and UX mapping on Figma

  2. Vanilla JS website development

  3. React website development

  4. Building ECommerce presence for local shops


Mobile App Development

  1. Cross Platform App Development using Flutter

  2. Cross Platform App Development using React Native




  1. WebRTC Communication protocol

  2. API Development in the following languages: Python, NodeJS, Golang​

  3. SQL and NoSQL projects supported

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