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A walk through our latest projects

Melanoma Skin Cancer Detection

This involved building a machine learning model for prediction of skin cancer based on the photo of a lesion on the skin with high accuracy and a platform around the same to support the ML Model.

Real Estate
development coin

The RDC is a unique way of generating capital to build and fund green projects. This will be a blockchain project where a cryptocurrency will be created on the Cardano blockchain and deployed as a stand alone blockchain later on.

Human Heatmap Analysis

This involved creating a heatmap of human movement using CCTV camera footage of a store.

Customer Demographic Analysis

This involved analysing the footfall, gathering data on the gender, age distribution based on RAW cctv footage. The training and deployment of this Machine Learning model was done on AWS Sage Maker

Template Tools

This involved creating a dashboard where a drag and drop UI will be exposed. This will be used to create blogs and templates according to the preset styles.

Open Online Market

This project was all about building an E-Commerce application to help local grocery stores go digital. This involved accepting payments through UPI as well.

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