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Top 5 Web Design Trends for 2022

Hello guys! Hope you are safe at your homes and are learning new skills. Today we'll be talking about the most popular and absolutely stunning Web Design trends going on this year.

Web Designing techniques have evolved over all these years, and with the growth of Digital Platforms during this time of pandemic, there is a spike in the need of Web developers and Designers. So I present to you the Top 5 Web Design Trends that'll make your website stand out in this highly competitive industry.

1. Neumorphism

Neumorphism is one of the most modern, sleek and chic UI trends today. It is entirely based on setting the shadow of the elements in such a way that they look perfectly embossed on the page. Neumorphic UI elements look like they’re connected to the background. They’re also called as “Soft UI” because of the way soft shadows are used to create this effect.

  • I recommend using Neumorphic effect for Buttons, Inputs and Cards.

  • Try Using Adam Giebl's generator to generate the effect and understand how it is created!


2. Parallax Effect

One of the best effects that have been made in the history of Designing UI is here. Parallax effect is solely based on the scroll movement of background. It can be created by reducing the speed of movement of the background with respect to the elements on it. It might sound complex, But the results and the effect is incredibly BEAUTIFUL!

  • Check out some inspirations on the awwwards website.

  • Before making a parallax website, make sure that you have a complete map of your website planned and drawn.


3. Using 3D illustrations

One of the latest and fastest growing trends is the usage of 3D Illustrations in websites. If you're building a website that looks eye-catching, bold and user-friendly, you must definitely go for this trend.

  • Use this trend for building websites that include interaction with children, that you want a cheerful vibe with or just to keep it minimalistic.

  • Make sure that you keep a sufficient amount of white space in your website with the illustrations. You won't want your site to look bulky and over ornamented.

  • Also, If you are a graphic designer, 3D illustrations are overwhelmingly in demand but unfortunately, 3D graphic designers are very less. This is a great time for you to start working with 3D illustrations.


4. Handwritten Fonts

Let's get real. We all love handmade gifts. Any person would always connect more to something that looks more realistic and handcrafted. Our clients and visitors would always love to see personalised art in websites. So if you're trying to design a website that you want to look more natural, personalised and beautiful, trust me, handwritten fonts will be everything you need to make it the best out of all.

  • There are many handwritten fonts available on google fonts for Free, but you can also check out some other websites to get free or paid fonts, whatever suits you.

  • Always make sure that you blend handwritten fonts with basic fonts. This will make your website look presentable and not too over the top.


S5. Dark Mode

Last but not the Least, Dark mode UI Design has been widely popular not just in Web Design, but in mobile applications too. This is mainly because dark backgrounds make colors and designs elements pop. It gives an entirely different, classy and modern personality to the UI. In addition to all this, the dark theme improves visual ergonomics by reducing eye strain. This makes it one of the best trends and a trend that will be used for many upcoming years.

  • Dark mode doesn't necessarily mean a completely black background. You just have to use colors that are close to black. (eg, #17202A, #212F3D, #020D01)

  • Make sure that you use readable font size and color specially when you're working with the dark theme.


There are many other trends too that are super attractive, engaging and user friendly. I really had a hard time choosing just 5. But these are the Web Design trends for 2022 that would I rely on, work with and love the most. What are yours?

Tell me in the comments. Also, let me know what you think about these trends.

Suggestions and feedback are welcome!

Thank you for reading!

Happy Learning! ☺

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