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How to start Web Designing?

Hello guys!

Today we'll be talking about certain topics that I have been asked a lot and also, the ones that I had before I started designing.

- What exactly is web designing?

- Can I start web designing even if I have zero knowledge about coding?

- Where do I start?

So, before you start reading ahead, I want you start believing that YOU GOT THIS! Lets start with answering all the above mentioned questions one by one.

1. What exactly is Web Designing?

To understand what Web Designing is, lets know what Web Design is. The layouts and appearance of websites on the internet is called as Web Design. In simple words, the way how a website looks is it's design. And, the art of making these beautiful designs is Web Designing.

2. Can I start web designing even if I have zero knowledge about coding?

The answer is YES! Absolutely yes! It is true that after reaching a certain knowledge and understanding about how you want your website to interact with the audience, you need to know coding in JavaScript. But that is another step. You can start absolutely from scratch with nothing but just a vague idea about how you want you website to look like. (! Keep reading. All the guidelines of starting web designing are discussed below. )

3. How to start Web Designing?

So you have now reached the most asked and important topic of this blog. Take a deep breath and take a note of the points discussed below.

A. Understand your content and Visualize your Design.

Simply think about what your website is about and what do you want it to look like.

Draw inspiration from your surroundings and if you want, take help from the internet.

Here are some websites that will inspire you:



B. Write your HTML

Now that you know how it should look like, Get on with it!

Start writing your HTML. It contains all the data of your Web page. Believe me, HTML is a super easy mark-up language which is the entire basis of your Web page. You can learn HTML online by reference alone, but you can take a course too if you want.

- (Highly recommended)



C. Start Styling With CSS

Cascading Style Sheets is a styling language used for describing the way how an element in the HTML should look like. If design is something that you are passionate about, trust me, this will be your favorite to work with. Again, I refer learning by online references because unless you try it, get errors and fix it, you won't get the concepts. So start with coding all by yourselves and in case you need any help,

- (Highly recommended)



D. Never stop your research and Be open to learning new stuff.

Once you get a hold of CSS, just don't stop exploring more about Web Designing. Now you have JavaScript to work with. There are more frameworks, like Bootstrap and JQuery, that can help you make your Website more interactive and eye-catching. Keep reading, imagining and playing around with all these amazing tools.





There's never enough of Design. Keep increasing your creativity and see your visualization come to life on your Web Pages.

So guys, that's me signing off for now. Please let me know your feedback and tell me what more would you like to read. Any suggestions and doubts are welcome.

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